Go Matha in Agriculture

  • Indian agriculture has variety. There is no farm-product that we don’t cultivate. Our land grows all kinds of grains, pulses, vegetables, fruits, flowers, cotton, and silk.
  • About 70% of our population has embraced agriculture as profession. Majority of them are small farmers, owning one or two acres of land.
  • Our agricultural landscape is diverse and vivid – in land topology, soil type and quality, irrigation method and frequency of harvesting.
  • Cattle are integral part of this huge canvas of agriculture. We use oxen to plough, to pick and move harvested crops, in irrigation, cow manure as fertiliser, and cow urine as insecticide.
  • A cow is useful even in death. An aged dead cow if buried with Salt and Cow Dung, decomposes rapidly and is available within a few months as Natural Healthy Disinfecting Manure and can fulfil the manure and fertilizer needs of upto 5 acres of land. There is no necessity or need to kill the cow for its meat or hide. Killing is done only for Greedy purposes. A cow is useful just in its natural life and death cycles.