Go Rakshana Activities

  1. To protect, maintain and serve aged and abandoned cows.
  2. To grow, maintain and protect traditional trees and medicinal plants like Vilvam, Nagalingam, Shenbagam, Thulasi etc. for the welfare of the society.
  3. The promote yoga and meditation in rural areas.
  4. To promote rural education for the benefit of rural public.
  5. To run a library for the benefit of the public.
  6. To celebrate festivals of Indian heritage and birthdays of Indian leaders.
  7. To conduct poor feeding on days of National Importance and National Holidays.
  8. To improve the civic conditions and to achieve better the prospects of the poor.
  9. For lighting holy lamp we use ghee. We also give offering of ghee to deities.
  10. To protect Birds and animals.