Since Vedic Times Agriculture and Cattle Protection have been complementary occupations in BharataVarsa. Bulls and Oxen were used to till the lands, water the farms, transport produce and Process Food and By-products. The by products of agriculture became food for the cattle. The byproducts of cattle farming became manure for agriculture. Humans were the foremost of beneficiaries in this natural bio-economic cycle which also laid primary focus on God Consciousness. God was at the center of each and every one of these daily activities in this bio economic cycle.

The Bane of European Rule

Christopher Columbus set out to convert India but couldn’t find his way to BharataVarsa. When the Europeans finally landed in BharataVarsa, they found that there were more cows than there were humans. Agriculture was the primary source of income to a huge majority of Indians and also kingsoms and all these activities were closely linked to the Vedic Sense of God Consciousness. Such was the economic and spiritual significance of Agriculture and Cow Protection in BharataVarsa.

To gradually kill our sense of God consciousness and introduce their own theology one of the major measures taken was to start killing cows. Robert Clive set up slaughterhouses to kill 30000 cows and bulls per day in each and every town. When the population of cattle started dwindling, agriculture inevitably suffered tremendously for want of cattle to till, provide manure and process and transport produce. When the daily sustainability of Agriculture and Cattle farming reduced, Indians were forced to take up Industrial and Governmental occupations.

The Bane of Swaraj

If Mughals and Europeans started killing cows and agriculture before independence, our leaders and technocrats started killing the soil and ecosystem itself with chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the name of Green Revolution. Politics killed the flow of rivers to arable land. The final debilitating blow came recently in the form of free money to keep the rural population idle. The Contemporary Farmer would rather claim rural employment guarantee payments and insurance for flood and drought than actually produce something on his land because it is more money with almost zero effort. Today it is difficult to find farm labour for our arable lands.

First the spiritual purpose behind agriculture and cattle farming was killed. Then the ability to do agriculture and cattle farming was killed. Subsequently the facility to do agriculture and cattle farming was killed. Finally the willingness to do agriculture itself is now facing the noose. Cattle are being promptly loaded on trucks to slaughterhouses and tanneries after their "useful age". Unwilling farmers are just waiting for their land to become unarable and sell them as housing and industrial plots. Even willing farmers do not have much land left due to repeated divisions of land over the decades. BharataVarsa has been successfully relegated to vedic books. Vedic and Purana (history) books are happily termed as Mythologies(Mythos means falsities or lies in Greek). BharataVarsa is now in Shambles.

The Need Of the Hour

It is in our country's best interest to restore our spiritual identity by reincorporating cattle protection and agriculture into our daily lifestyle. That would also entail structuring a sustainable economic model based on these interlinked activities and contemporary realities.

To establish our spiritual identity many munificent souls have started innovative efforts all across India. Go RakshnaSamithi (GRS) is one such effort and is a non profit organization founded with the pristine intention of protecting aged, disabled and destitute cows in the sunset years of their selfless life. As a means to this end, GRS has taken the initiative towards establishing a Gosala (Cow Sanctuary) in Abishekamangalam Village in Kudavasal Taluk, Tanjavur. In April of 2011 the Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony was held for this Sanctuary.

While the Sanctuary was still under Construction GoRakshnaSamithi proactively provided free care and medication to Local aged and injured cows canvassing these divine ideals from door to door. With generous help from wellwishers and donors the sanctuary was opened this year on June 04 under the auspices of His Holiness Vittal Das Maharaj. The Gosala / Sanctuary was inaugurated with 30 cows and has capacity to house and care for more than 500 cows. A significant majority of these cows are destitute and/or injured.

Shri Krishna Krishi Kendra (Sk3) is aIncome generating Business Entity meant to sustain the non profit efforts of Go Rakshana Samithi. Sk3 advocates organic farming to reverse the decades of damage done to arable lands. Sk3 recognizes the looming reality of labour shortage and the inability to conduct profitable sustainable farming on an individual basis using manual mtehods. Consequently, Sk3 proposes to employ non intrusivemechanised farming to replace the labour intensive manual farming methods starting from

  1. Power Tiller ER90 KMB200
  2. Automatic Seeding Machine – Small Type
  3. Transplanter RR 4B (Small – Manual)
  4. Power Weeder
  5. Power Sprayer
  6. Small Paddy Harvester
  7. CRuShER Machine
  8. Straw Baler
  9. Tractor With Tipper

Sk3 does not plan to purchase any land in its name for this purpose. Rather we propose to implement mechanisation of agriculture on lands owned by small farmers where the extent of their owner ship may be as less as 1/2 acre upto even 15 acres and does not justify individual ownership of mechanisationequipments. Sk3 plans to provide agricultural mechanisation services to small and medium land owners in a 5 sqkm area surrounding Vishnupuram Village in Kudavasal Taluk for a fraction of the cost of manual methods for each of the above processes. That would provide the positive impetus for even unwilling farmers to consider rekindling their interest in agriculture. More than 7000 acres of arable land are available in the villages identified for this purpose.

The proceeds from these operations will be sufficient to sustain even a larger Gosala. This project also holds the promise of becoming a torchbearer and MargaDarsi for similar efforts in the surrounding communities.